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Alex Gulotta

Alex Gulotta

With over 24 years of experience as an Executive Director of legal aid organizations in Virginia and California, Alex Gulotta has substantial experience in the access to justice community. In addition to his service as an Executive Director, since 2003 he has acted as a consultant in a number of diverse settings. Alex provides technical assistance and consulting services to legal services programs, advocacy organizations, and non-profit service providers regarding strategic planning, donor development, program evaluation, technology implementation, and supervision of professional staff. He has designed and conducted multi-day training and planning sessions. Consulting work has assisted programs in more than twenty states. Alex is the recipient of several awards and is the immediate past Board Chair of the National Legal Aid and Defender Association.

Anna Gulotta

Anna Dorn-Gulotta

As a legal aid attorney and President of the Attorney Union, Anna Dorn-Gulotta participated in her organization’s: strategic planning and development of key performance indicators and outcomes; core values creation and implementation; and staff development and training. Anna developed relationships with community partners and stakeholders and participated in various local coalitions to improve outcomes and services to the community. Anna’s undergraduate education focused on rigorous research methodologies, experimental design, and statistical analysis of data. As a Teach For America teacher, Anna developed curricula, instruction, and assessments following the best practices recommended by the U.S. Department of Education and the Center on Standards & Assessment Implementation.

Íde Gulotta

Íde Gulotta has an undergraduate education focusing on philosophy of mathematics, logical systems, systematic methodology, and computer science. Íde has six years of experience in technical support, system administration, and the development of end-user training. She is knowledgeable in computer-assisted data analysis and has developed interactive data visualizations intended for key decision-makers. Íde helped design, implement, and teach an expanded technical education curriculum for adult learners at the Phoenix Public Library. In a business setting, Íde updated the visualization codebase, implemented new features requested by clients, and contributed to the development of the real time data collection software used as part of the flood warning systems relied upon by decision-makers and first responders statewide.

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